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frankfurt 2017

3 days of inspiration, innovation and thought-provoking insights

At the first me Convention in September 2017, roundabout 120 pioneers, thought leaders, adventurers, artists and game changers held keynotes, expert talks, panel discussions and workshops for more than 2,700 attendees out of over 35 countries.

Thought-­provoking panel debates, visionary keynote speakers, the opportunity to connect and engage with like­-minded people — all this and more was on the agenda at the inaugural me Convention, which brought together the best minds from the creative, design and technology industries to identify the cultural and commercial trends that are shaping our future. Reflecting the breadth and depth of this mission, the me Convention’s wide-­ranging program of events featured luminaries from around the globe and across the spectrum, from rocket scientists to Buddhist monks, from AI pioneers to fashion icons. The central conversation focused on the future, and the ways in which technology and innovation are transforming our day­ to day lives.    

exploration day

The me Convention brought the festival feeling, known from the SXSW in Austin, to Frankfurt: Participants were invited to Frankfurt’s hip Bahnhofsviertel where the “Urban Hot Spots” waited to be discovered.

The idea behind these Urban Hot Spots was to introduce the me Convention attendees to Frankfurt’s hidden creative scene.

From exhibitions and dinners to concerts, drinks and talks at the bar and a night full of dancing – you’ve never experienced Frankfurt like this.

conference days

workshops, panels, keynotes

Inspiring talks, deep insights and a big portion of courage for exploring the world: the first me Convention opened its doors on September 15th in Frankfurt. Sheryl Sandberg met Dieter Zetsche in a rare public exchange of industry leaders; startup cities came together while all our addresses got reinvented; and astronaut Buzz Aldrin talked about exploring space while explorer Mike Horn inspired to conquer earth.

sheryl sandberg and dieter zetsche conference frankfurt

sheryl sandberg and dieter zetsche: meeting of the giants

Finding common ground between two industries that have been mostly separate for the past decade was the main message of the highly anticipated conversation between Sheryl Sandberg and Dieter Zetsche. The two leaders discussed mutual challenges such as the missing gender balance both industries experience. Sandberg encouraged young parents with daughters to teach them how to code. She also gave men some marriage advice and recommended to do the laundry instead of buying flowers – but ideally doing both. Zetsche closed with a learning for all industry leaders facing disruption: “Even if we are more successful than ever before, we have to change faster than ever before.”

buzz aldrin: the moonwalker gives opening keynote at me convention

He entered the stage with a moonwalk and a 'Get Your Ass to Mars' t-shirt from his own collection: Buzz Aldrin, the 89 year old American astronaut who became a living legend as the second man to ever set foot on the moon. A man who has seen #newrealities before anyone else and took the first selfie in space - with a camera attached to the Apollo 11 spacecraft, 'the most expensive selfie stick ever invented'. Aldrin's efforts today reach much farther than the moon: He wants to get humankind to Mars in the next two decades. 'Don't visit and go back. Visit and occupy', said Aldrin, before leaving the stage with a clear message: 'Explore or expire.'

buzz aldrin me Convention frankfurt

evening events

During the me Convention the me Club was the center for music and entertainment. From September 14th to 16th, all participants had the chance to catch outstanding performances from national and international musicians and bands in the former Olympia Cinema. From Rap to Pop and Hip Hop, it was all about dancing the night away with great concerts and DJ sets.

yung hurn concert party event

thursday, september 14th // live from earth

Ambient beats floating around soulful raps and melodies – that’s cloud rap. Or better call it Trap Rap? Swag Rap? Actually it is not that easy describing the sound of Yung Hurn from Vienna and the Berlin-based crew Live From Earth. Yung Hurn is an artist creating his own sound and visual world, somewhere between the pompous 80s synthesizer sounds, laid-back 90s Hip Hop, and clubby electro beats of the 2000s. He and his crew, Lex Lugner, Jonny 5, Dis Fig, DJ Bangkok, Caramelo, DJ Creep, DJ Gigola and ACOID, had everybody moving in the me Club.

friday, september 15th // beth ditto live at she’s mercedes night

Her voice is unique, so is her style. We were thrilled to announce that the one and only Beth Ditto performed live at the me Convention. Related to a special night hosted by She’s Mercedes, the singer and songwriter performed live and exclusively at the me Club on Friday, September 15th. Related to the idea of the She’s Mercedes initiative Beth Ditto is what we call a real power lady. She was the lead singer of the award-winning band Gossip for more than 17 years and testimonial for a number of influencing fashion, music and lifestyle magazines.

beth ditto party concert event
beginner band concert party event

saturday, september 16th // beginner live

Hamburg and Hip Hop go hand in hand with Beginner–no one has influenced German rap as much as these three guys from Hamburg City: Eizi Eiz (Jan Delay), Denyo and DJ MAD. With thirteen years in-between their classic album “Blast Action Heroes” and the current “Advanced Chemistry”, their witty lyrics and fresh sounds have kept them at the top of the German rap game. If you’ve seen them on stage before, you know that a Beginner show is a high-energy performance.

highlight video

highlight video frankfurt 2017
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