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what3words is the world's first addressing system designed for voice - every 3m x 3m square in the world has been assigned an address made of just three words from the dictionary. These 3 word addresses can be used to route cars or drones, used as an address when ordering online, or simply given as a meeting point for a picnic in the park. what3words is used in 170 countries and is being adopted by governments all around the world as an official addressing system. Its investors include Intel Capital, Aramex and Deutsche Bahn.

Clare leads the global expansion of what3words. Her background is in the development and growth of social enterprises, including in impact investing. She is interested in how innovative business models can tackle social and environmental challenges, and sits on the board of various UK social enterprises. She studied for an undergraduate degree in English, with her graduate degree in the Geography Department at the University of Cambridge. Clare also volunteers with the Streetlink project, doing health outreach work with street-based sex workers in London.

#newurbanism | connecting the disconnected: uniting populations in a mega-region

Mega-regions are becoming a crucial part of the global economy, spurred by developments in mobility and digital technology that facilitate the movement of goods, people and capital across ever greater distances and bandwidths. As the world continues to shrink, rather than lose significance, the hyperlocal is more meaningful than ever: The interplay between local and global keeps growing. So how do we ensure that access to transport and resources are distributed fairly and equally? And how do we use emerging technology and human ideas to connect disparate people and places, even as the very concept of what constitutes a 'region' shifts?

Watch Clare Jones, CCO of the London-based startup what3 words, Steffen Kaup, working at Next Generation Transport and Logistics at Daimler AG, and Hyperloop One's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Matt Jones in a panel on uniting populations in Mega-Regions and discover how to 'Connect the Disconnected'.

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