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Kal Mos is Vice President of AI & Digital Vehicle at Mercedes-Benz R&D NA. Kal is responsible for innovations in areas such as machine learning, HD map learning for autonomous driving, intelligence-based user experience, and data analytics.

Kal joined Mercedes-Benz in 2002 to create and lead the software group focused on AI, user experience and connectivity. Since then, he has been turning visionary ideas into exceptional products that can be found in multiple Mercedes-Benz vehicle models. Most recently, he created the machine learning algorithm and software that provide destination predictions in real time for the embedded navigation system in the S-Class cabriolet and the S-Class Coupe.
Kal led the development of the user experience for the self-driving research car F015, the 3D real-time renderings for the Concept IAA car as well as the advanced high-detail 3D map for the Concept EQ car.
Prior to Mercedes-Benz, Kal worked as the chief technologist of OnStar, where he led a team of General Motors' engineers in developing the OnStar in-vehicle hardware and software platform.

#newleadership | chatbots & voice-enabled AI: will brands sink or swim in this new wave of disruption?

Sympathetic but unflappable, always there and never tired, chatbots are already starting to change the way companies interact with their customers. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. As the technology develops, chatbots, whether text-based or voice-enabled, are set to revolutionize communication across almost all industries. From reservations support and personalized shopping recommendations to customer service and feedback channels, the chatbots are coming. Now, it's all about how brands leverage this powerful new tool, to strike the balance between efficiency and service while maintaining and even strengthening brand identity. Plus, where do the boundaries lie: Which tasks will always require a human touch, and which can be outsourced to AI?

Watch Babak Hodjat, Co-founder & CEO of Sentient Technologies, Rob High, IBM Fellow, Vice President & CTO of IBM Watson and Kal Mos, Vice President of AI & Digital Vehicle Mercedes-Benz R&D North America at Daimler AG, in a panel on this new wave of disruption.

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