#newrealities | behavioral design – how to make people do what you want

What happens in the brain when we interact with others, and how can we boost our personal brand by applying neuroscientific principles? Watch Katarina Gospic, co-founder and owner of Grey Matters, and her talk on behavioral design.


Katarina has an academic background as a medical doctor (M.D.), brain researcher (Ph.D.) and physiologist (M.Sc.). She has more than 10 years of experience in brain research and her doctoral thesis focused on neuro-economics, decision-making and emotional regulation. For the last six years she has been an entrepreneur and in 2015 Katarina was the co-founder of the neurodesign company Grey Matters in which she combines neuroscience with design to create optimized environments that boosts health, performance and wellbeing. Katarina is a frequently invited brain expert in Swedish media, one of the faces in “Stockholm Hall of Fame” at the International Arlanda Airport and the author of five books.

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