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Alan is Managing Director of THE INSIGHT FACTORY and has over 30 years international business experience. He is an Executive and Performance Coach and Consultant. His work covers corporate strategy, selling businesses, Senior team development, executive performance, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY & Experiential Learning. His aim is to coach executives, managers, teams, organisations and individuals to perform at higher levels and to achieve and surpass their goals and desires.

#newleadership | the power of play: enhance innovation and business performance

The corporate environment is no longer a place of seriousness and sterility. Company culture is changing, organizations are embracing innovation, creativity and design thinking. Research has shown that hands-on, minds-on learning, such as that offered by Lego Serious Play, produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities. This talk examines the power of play in enhancing communication skills, imagination, confidence and insight.

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