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Harald Marx is the Head of Fleetboard’s Innovation Hub in Berlin and an intrapreneur to the core. Harald studied business engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). After his career in management consulting he joined Fleetboard as Head of Strategy, Projects & Processes in Stuttgart and was responsible for building up Fleetboard’s new office and Innovation Hub in Berlin. Founded in 2016 the Innovation Hub is a place for invention and creation. Empowered by big data, IoT and machine learning the created digital business opportunities address the biggest pain points of logistics and trucking. Fleetboard’s strong bond to Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the Daimler AG enables global scaling of new solutions with the joint power of Fleetboard and Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

#newurbanism | next-gen navigation: the connected driving experience

Smart navigation tends to rely on big data gatherers, which pull together location information to estimate traffic flow. Anyone who’s tried to get across a congested town at rush hour, however, will know that the systems are still far from perfect. The next generation of navigation includes data that’s transmitted by actual vehicles out on the roads, making for a much smoother and reliable experience. Welcome to the world of connected driving.

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