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Jonas holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Japanese Studies from University of Bonn. Main focus topics where Metadata and Data Quality as well as Neural Networks. Within Daimler he previously was in lead architecture roles for Finance Systems and various leadership positions. He has a keen interest in new technologies and the Open Source movement. In his current role he is shaping the Blockchain and DLT activities from the technology perspective within Daimler. As a Member of the Governing Board of Hyperledger he is also representing that Role internationally.

#newrealities | how blockchain will transform mobility

Blockchain promises to revolutionize so many industries and modes of exchange, and mobility is no exception. Mobicoin leverages the unique technology to encourage sustainability, by gathering eco data from vehicles and rewarding drivers’ performance based on environmentally friendly driving. Gamification elements let drivers compete with each other in various challenges, and add another level of excitement and engagement to this important technology.

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