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Kellen is a director of global business development at SmartThings, Samsung's leading IoT and smart home platform. Kellen and her team are responsible for global partnerships and strategic initiatives to enable key product launches and global deployment of SmartThings. Prior to joining SmartThings, Kellen managed key strategic device partnerships at Wink and worked in investment banking for a couple years looking after technology and diversified industries prior to venturing in the smart home industry.

#newrealities | wearables in the future: boosting human experience

What if your fitness tracker could tell you when you were tired – and conversely, most effective? What if you could use this data to create your perfect workday, tailored just for you? What if your employee health plan facilitated activities that you love, while keeping your premiums down? What if your environment could sense your mood and adjust itself accordingly? These are just some of the many exciting developments offered by wearables as they enter new aspects of our lives.

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