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Dr. Ruchir Puri is an IBM Fellow and the Chief Architect of IBM Watson. Ruchir led Deep Learning and Machine Learning Platform Initiative at IBM Research and also led IBM's efforts in software-hardware acceleration for cognitive and analytic workloads and drove strategy for differentiated cognitive computing infrastructure. Dr. Ruchir Puri is a Fellow of the IEEE, an ACM Distinguished Speaker, an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, and was awarded 2014 Asian American Engineer of the Year. He has been a visiting faculty at Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University, CA, and an adjunct professor at Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, NY. He was honored with John Von-Neumann Chair at Institute of Discrete Mathematics at Bonn University, Germany. Dr. Puri is an inventor of over 50 United States patents and has authored over 100 publications and a book on Analytics.

#newrealities | the rise of artificial intelligence: a day in the life of ai in 2025

Join a panel of experts as they envision a snapshot of the world in eight years’ time, when AI is ubiquitous. What will humans be doing for work and play? Will be have chatbots as friends? Will there be any aspects of life untouched by artificial intelligence?

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