#newurbanism | mobility as a service: the struggle for the dashboard

As consumer focus moves away from products towards experiences, and the sharing economy makes it easier to forego ownership, the concept of mobility as a service has entered the mainstream. Right now, the race is on for the automotive industry to adapt with innovation and dynamism to this powerful new disruption.


Sascha Pallenberg is a Techblogger living in Taipei who's constantly travelling between Asia, the US and Europe. In addition to this Sascha provides keynote addresses and is just Gung-ho about technology. Sascha was named as one of the The NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the European Digital Industry in 2013 and also as one of the 2013 Top 100 most important Germans online.

During four consecutive years in 2010-2013, Sascha won the Top 20 Smart Mobile Device Pundit Award for the most influential bloggers and journalists in the area of Mobile Computing. In 2015 he won the 'Golden Blogger' award for being the Blogger of the year in Germany. He joined Daimler AG in 2017 as their new Head of Digital Content.

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