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#newvelocity | exponential thinking: interaction in a digital, globalized world

From technology to globalization to consumerism, the world is transforming at an exponential rate. Things that happen in one corner of the planet can affect people thousands of miles away. Each time we prepare ourselves for the novel, it becomes outmoded faster than before. To be part of this reality and to thrive within it, requires a shifting in thinking; this talk is all about confronting and embracing our new velocity.


Stephan Balzer is an entrepreneur, change facilitator and influential voice in the European innovation community. A media consultant by training, he is one of the pioneers in the German new media scene. With over a decade of technology experience, Stephan founded Berlin’s idea incubation company red onion. As TEDx and Singularity University Ambassador he has hosted more than 60 conferences on key topics that will affect our society in the future. Stephan is a frequent speaker on innovation and technology, avid art collector passionate about culture, and an active citizen initiating constructive discourse on global challenges facing society. He strongly believes in the impact of change, transformation and innovation on corporations, organizations, institutions and public entities.

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