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Paul DeLong is President and CEO of car2go N.A., LLC, the North American arm of the world’s largest and fastest-growing flexible carsharing service. DeLong is responsible for ensuring that car2go’s one million-plus North American members enjoy 24 hour access to convenient, affordable mobility through flexible one-way carsharing.

Prior to being appointed North American president and CEO in 2015, DeLong served as Chief Marketing officer at car2go, where he helped grow the car2go brand from a limited pilot program in Austin, Texas launched in 2009 to a preferred mobility provider throughout the U.S. and Canada. DeLong orchestrated a broad brand awareness push that helped establish one-way carsharing as an ideal urban mobility solution that integrates well with other urban transit options including bus, rail and bikeshare.
The flexible one-way carsharing model car2go operates has been proven to reduce both road congestion and urban air pollution, while helping city dwellers avoid the high cost and inconvenience of urban car ownership. The end result is better quality of life in cities. While car2go has already had a significant impact on the evolving mobility landscape, DeLong plans to expand car2go’s positive impact on urban quality of life by taking car2go’s flexible, affordable service to more North American cities in 2018.

#newurbanism | smart streets, e-cars, vertical farming: could eco-friendly communes change the future of housing?

As the coliving trend gathers pace, it's clear that modern city-dwellers crave real-world community. At the same time, urban farming is becoming increasingly sophisticated and a reliable local food source. Smart streets and driverless cars cut down commuting times, will there be a need for everyone to cluster in the inner city? Might cities instead become decentralised? And will this fragmentation, ironically, bring us closer together? We are at once becoming more autonomous, able to live in hyperlocal communities that leverage the sharing economy, and yet more together, recognising the financial and lifestyle benefits of doing so.

Watch Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO and founder of Pavegen, James Ehrlich, the founder of ReGen Villages, Ema Paulin, the founder and CEO of Good Bank, and Paul DeLong, President and CEO of car2go North America, on the question if and how eco-friendly communes might change the future of housing.

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