• off to frankfurt

    off to frankfurt

off to frankfurt!

The metropolis on the banks of the Main river has a lot to offer. We’ve got a couple of ideas for your visit.

Ok, so you’ve seen the financial district’s skyline. The Main river – naturally. You’ve been to the airport. But there’s also culture. The famous opera house, 700 years of European art at the Staedel Museum or “Ebbelwei-Express”, a special tram line where Ebbelwei, a local cider drink, is served on the move. If you’d rather enjoy the traditional Frankfurt beverage in a stationary establishment, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Sachsenhausen district: from traditional “Ebbelwei” pubs to hip bars for the in-crowd there’s a place for everyone.
The heart of the city, however, beats downtown in the Bahnhofsviertel (literally train station quarter). “Sexiness that isn’t unseemly” is how the New York Times described this half square kilometer at the center of the city. People from almost 170 nations, we’re being told, populate restaurants and cafés, bars and clubs, creating an atmosphere that fits the spirit of me Convention. Thus there will be a series of events during the convention in cooperation with local restaurateurs Armin Fallaha as well as the Ardinast brothers that will include parties, art shows, and live music. For further information and Frankfurt related tips check out.