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smart urban pioneers. Ideate what’s next.

Made for the future: twelve innovative European start-up ventures, introduced live at the smart stand.

In September, anyone intrigued by the latest automotive trends and developments heads to the Frankfurt Motor Show. This year, those looking for true inspiration should head straight for the smart stand on September 15th-17th, 2017.

On top of the annual car shows, focused on design and performance aspects of the make’s latest model range, smart stages a performance brimming with answers to future and sustainability challenges – ideas and solutions honed and presented by enthusiastic founders and eagle-eyed trendsetters.

For three days running, smart turbocharges its successful urban pioneers format, inviting start-ups from all over Europe to pitch their ideas to a selected jury and live audience. And to up the ante, the event introduces another novel twist to the start-up contest concept: All participants have to pitch their ideas whilst sitting in a moving car.

Piloting a smart electric drive, each founding team has just three minutes to sell its idea. Divided into categories – “Urban Electrical Solutions“, “Urban Living Solutions“ and “Urban Environmental Solutions” – these projects are judged by a jury of smart experts and prestigious start-up protagonists as well as the audience on site. Together, they decide which teams win prize money for their business idea – and which outstanding victor also gets 12 months of advice from the smart urban pioneers support program. The thrilling final will be streamed live straight from the Mercedes-Benz Festhalle on September 17th.

For added brain-tickling input, we recommend the speakers of the me Convention “New Urbanism” track: Their eye- and mind-opening talks highlight fresh ideas and concepts that will shape our future cities.

But while our collective sight is firmly set on the future, we shouldn’t forget about the here and now, celebrated with a grand party at this year’s international motor show. So, as part of the Urban Hot Spot Events, smart joins founders and guests in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel for a rousing party.

Stay tuned for further details!