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join the leaders of today shape the world of tomorrow!

new creation

New technologies and new processes enable not just artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, but all of us to turn dreams into reality. What are these transformative new opportunities and how do we take advantage of them? For me Convention creative pioneers such as fashion icon and entrepreneur Amber Valletta (Master & Muse), design legend Hartmut Esslinger (founder frog design), and industrial designer Nick Foster (Google X) will tackle issues ranging from sustainable fashion to the circular economy and introduce a more useful approach to design and communication. Further watch Josh Rubin, founder and Editor in Chief of Cool Hunting and Rana June (Founder & CEO lightwave) delve into the world of emotional tracking and bioanalytics.

new leadership

The challenges of the digital age require new approaches to leadership. How can organizations achieve increases in flexibility, efficiency, and productivity while retaining traditional core values of leadership, such as integrity, courage, and passion? Where do we find the concepts and skills we need to face 21st century challenges and how do we recruit them? Join the discussion with our speakers and panelists, including Google’s Director Leadership Recruiting - Moonshots and Bets, Amy Vernetti, Marta Riggins, Global Marketing Director at LinkedIn, founder HireVue, adviser, and investor Mark Newman. Let explorer & adventurer Mike Horn help you “break through your comfort zone” and achieve things you never thought possible!

new realities

As the analog and digital worlds merge, lines are becoming blurred. What is reality, what is virtual, is there even a difference anymore? Whether we employ artificial intelligence or biotech, the integration of man and machine provides us with opportunities and challenges never encountered before in human history. At me Convention 2017 you can join the discussion about free and open access to information with the Wikimedia Foundation's Executive Director Katherine Maher, let Global Director of Innovation and Business Development Kei Shimada (Dentsu) introduce you to the future of mobile communication and wearable devices and explore the possibilities of cyberorganisms with Neil Harbisson, the world’s first cyborg.

new urbanism

The 20th century brought great waves of urbanization creating megacities around the world. Today, rather than continuing to adapt to our habitat, we are attempting to actively shape the world around us. How do we build an urban landscape that is sustainable, affordable, clean, comfortable, attractive, and fair? How do we balance these ideals? Speakers such as Oona Horx-Strathern (trend & future consultant) and Clare Jones (CCO, what3Words) will help us explore new trends and re-imagine the future of our cities.

new velocity

Today we demand immediate availability of goods and services, forcing providers to accelerate processes that traditionally used to be slow and inflexible to lightning speeds. How are these developments transforming society, how are they shaping future generations? Experts such as entrepreneur, open source advocate, and theorist Whurley (William Hurley) will answer these questions, sharing their outlook on our future.

This is just a small taste of what you can expect at the me Convention in Frankfurt. Stay tuned for our complete schedule.