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our interview with marta riggins: playing to your strengths – workplace, culture and the battle for talent

Marta Riggins is LinkedIn’s Global Marketing Director.
Her work focuses on supporting Talent Strategy initiatives like recruiting, employee engagement and building strategic partnerships that help create a productive
and enjoyable environment
for employees. A creative problem-solver, she is passionate about making the workplace more meaningful and
better for all. Marta will speak under our New Leadership banner – get the inside story here.

Competition for talent is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today. What is the number one key to attracting and keeping the best people?

Your company vision, mission and culture are equivalent to your employment brand. Today’s workforce is dynamic, diverse and purpose-driven. The top talents on the market want to find jobs where they are tapping into their strengths and passions at companies where they can learn and grow, have a good quality of life, develop meaningful relationships at work while being their authentic selves. Companies that can understand what their strengths are in these areas and figure out how to promote them and improve them will attract and retain the best people.

As life, work, leisure and culture meld into one, how is the workplace changing, and what role do employers have in both influencing and responding to it?

If employers want to stay competitive and foster a progressive and inclusive culture, they should play a role in helping co-workers get to know each other as people and encourage managers to get to know their teams in authentic ways. This can be through team outings, company events, inspirational speakers, community and diversity programming, etc. At LinkedIn, each month the company hosts “InDay,” which is a day dedicated to investing in ourselves, our teams and our company. These days are themed and can be spent as a team, office or individual, but the intention is to connect, inspire and innovate to help transform the workplace.
Also, as the needs of today’s workforce shifts, and “work/life balance” becomes seemingly impossible to achieve, there should be a move to helping your employees have a good quality of life; i.e. are people having meaningful relationships at work, how do people stay healthy, how do they stay connected to their passion and are people achieving their personal and professional goals?

“Today’s workforce is dynamic, diverse and purpose-driven.”

Employee experience is a new buzzword. How can the concept be compared to the much more established idea of customer experience? What are the main similarities and differences?

They are based on the same concept. Similar to creating a good customer experience, how can you make every experience for your employees high-touch? The same way you want to help customers feel personally connected and engaged with your company’s product, employers can think about how they make employees feel connected and engaged with the company’s purpose and vision.
That can mean making the décor of the office space reflect your corporate mission, throwing events and creating content
that reinforces your values and ultimately makes employees brand champions for the company.

How can we leverage technology for inclusivity in the work-place (for example to reduce bias, foster collaboration, etc.)?

LinkedIn pro les are dynamic and allow people to story-tell and market themselves professionally and personally as a whole person. These dynamic profiles provide data and insights that help the talent industry see what we call “the person behind the pro le.” By tapping into these insights, talent professionals can build custom campaigns and job searches to see who is passionate about their industry, has the unique background and skill sets they need, who is a culture add and who would work well with their team.

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