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    theory is fine, practice is better: our workshops and mentor sessions

explore hands-on learning with our workshops

Here at me Convention, we worship at the altar of learning by doing. Acquiring new skills can be a lot like learning a foreign language — you can know the grammar inside out, but if you’re too nervous to order a coffee in your new tongue, what’s the point? Which is why we’ve put together a workshop and mentoring schedule. We like to think we’ve catered for the whole spectrum: there’s workshops on everything from design thinking to digital storytelling to yoga to painting (albeit with bacteria). Even better: there are also one-on-one mentor sessions available from everyone from Felix Jähn to Norrsken Foundation’s Johanna Blendow. Just one catch though. Places for both mentoring and workshops are limited. So if you’re interested, please reserve your space via our event app. There’s no way to do so via the website, so yes, you really do need to download that app.

What workshops can you look forward to?


using design thinking to validate crazy ideas: universal basic income and the blockchain

With Naveen Raja and Eric Morrow (ConsenSys)

As design thinking facilitators at blockchain software firm ConsenSys, Naveen and Eric are practiced in using the problem resolution strategy to help blockchain startup teams test cutting-edge ideas. In this interactive session, the audience will take part in an experiment to determine how feelings of fairness influence the design and delivery of Universal Basic Income programs. If you’ve always wondered how you can harness design thinking to power creativity in your workplace, reserve your spot now.

sensing sweet: from disgusting to delicious

With food technologist Emilie Baltz

Flavor is more than taste: when we eat, all our senses work together to create what we define as sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami. Using research in the sensory sciences, artist and designer Emilie Baltz will lead a workshop that explores how we construct the flavor of sweet. Baltz’s out-there food experiences have been documented by The New York Times and she has spoken at Cannes Lions Festival and TED-X Omaha. Caution: missing this workshop may leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

fewer babies, longer lives? intimate issues in the anthropocene

With science writer Britt Wray and scientist/Massive founder Nadja Oertelt

Having fewer children or no children at all is documented as the most effective way to curb one’s personal carbon emissions. At the same time, scientists are pushing the boundaries of longevity research more than ever before, treating aging as a disease. BBC Tomorrow’s World podcast host Britt Wray and scientist Nadja Oertelt will be exploring this tension in the workshop. They will take you on a tour through the landscape of debates around reproduction, the uncertain future, and longevity science, so you will leave with a clarified sense of what you think about this increasingly difficult-to-navigate set of claims about our world.

work out to wake up

With yoga icon & entrepreneur Adriene Mishler

With 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube, Adriene requires very little introduction. This workshop explores how using the body as a focus of meditation can have positive knock-on effects to mental wellbeing, the decisions we make – both daily and life-changing – and their outcomes. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the mind-body connection at a deeper level - or simply wanted to hone your yoga practice - this one’s for you. Given Adriene’s immense popularity, we anticipate places getting snapped up fast. So hurry and download that app to secure your spot!

spatial memetics: designing communicative forms for intelligent spaces

With John Connell and Paul Oomen (4DSOUND)

In an age in which immersive media dominates, our built environments begin to take on a new presence: that of “intelligent” space. Thanks to sensory media like spatial sound, bio­reactive wearables, and facial recognition, among others, radical new possibilities for communication become available. What communicative forms could prosper in such an environment? Using an 8.1 spatial sound system, participants will take part in listening exercises and group exchange to explore early steps in spatial memetics. If you’re fascinated by the future of sound and communication, work in music tech or want to, this is the one workshop you should be at. There are just 25 spaces available, so reserve your space via our app.

bacteria painting workshop

With Maria Peñil Cobo and Dr Mehmet Berkmen

First thing’s first: you’ll learn about bacteria in a 20-minute seminar lead by Dr. Mehmet Berkmen. Then artist Maria Peñil Cobo will show you how to draw with bacteria on petri dishes in a 10 minute demonstration. Then the fun can really get started! You’ll have 30 minutes to draw with bacteria and make your own unique bacterial art. Painted bacteria will be allowed to grow for a day and before you’ll be invited to return on 6th to document your own unique bacterial art for posterity by taking photos.

#storytelling on instagram – the exploration of the new visual language.

With The Kissinger Twins

Selfies are great, stories are even better. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has developed into something more significant than a platform for sharing really pretty cappuccino snaps. It has become a narrative tool for a new wave of filmmakers and storytellers. How can we utilize medium which is both a tool for production and distribution and the largest visual social media platform? In this workshop, the Webby Award-winning director duo The Kissinger Twins will explain how to use your Instagram to craft compelling narratives. Whether you work in social media or just want to explore the storytelling possibilities inherent in the photo-sharing social network, you need to be there. Reserve your spot via the app.

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mentor sessions

Get set for one-on-one mentor sessions from experts in their fields. There are limited numbers of spaces available - please download our app and watch this space for more information about how and when to register for mentoring sessions.

felix jähn

At the age of 19, Felix Jähn produced his first hits on a laptop. Initially, he worked as independently on distributing his music as he did on creating music itself: promoting his work purely digitally and via blogs and communities instead of via big labels, publishers or radio stations – until his first big global success with “Cheerleader,” which became a Number One in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, South Africa and more. To date he has sold 7.5 million singles, has been streamed more than a billion times and won many gold and platinum awards. With this one-on-one mentor session available to just five me Convention attendees, Felix offers a unique and personal look behind the scenes, asking where does the line between artist and entrepreneur lie? What does success mean and how should it be handled? How can social media be both a curse and a blessing for a successful artist?

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johanna blendow

Johanna joined Norrsken Foundation in 2014, where she splits her time between the investment and management team. The Norrsken Foundation is exceptional in its support for impact entrepreneurs and their startups focused on helping society progress via altruistic capitalism. The foundation believes that its commitment to combining high risk with high impact is unexplored territory in a world where non-profits avoid financial risk and venture capitalists focus exclusively on financial return. With this one-on-one mentor session available to just five me Convention attendees, this is one for you if you’ve got a meaningful business idea you’d like to discuss or would simply like to find out how you can support impact entrepreneurs in your own work life.

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