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welcome to frankfurt festhalle

With its vast gilded dome and neo­-baroque façade, the Festhalle — known affectionately by locals as the Gudd Stubb (‘living room’) — is one of the most iconic buildings in Frankfurt. It first opened its doors 1909, when its 40­meter high dome was the largest structure of its kind in Europe. It is now the focal point of Frankfurt’s vast exhibition grounds and one of Germany’s top venues for music concerts and sporting events. The central level of the Festhalle’s 6,000 sq m interior is the ideal setting for the first me Convention. The premium location is spacious enough to host the big set-­piece panel debates, workshops and keynotes planned for the three day event, but intimate enough to encourage networking, socializing and relaxing. The venue is also adjacent to Mercedes­Benz’ IAA exhibition space, to which all me Convention delegates have unrestricted access.

me Base, me Gate and playground

Inspiration is a 360 degree concept at the me Convention. Delegates won’t just hear inspirational words from the conference stage — they will also be able to interact with the latest innovations at the me Base and playground area located within the me Convention venue. The me Base allows you to test drive the future, whether diving deep into virtual worlds, exploring the latest prototyping technology, getting up close and personal with robots, or immersing yourself in interactive art. The only limit is your imagination. Inspiration is also about connecting and conversing. The me Base, with its plentiful seating, is perfect for exchanging ideas, sharing visions or simply recharging your batteries. And if you’d rather sit outside and enjoy the September sunshine, there’s the me Gate, a spacious outdoor area reserved for me Convention delegates.

art program

Art not only reflects our present world, but it can lead the way into tomorrow’s, revealing new trends and offering fresh, playful perspectives on progress, society and the shape of the future. For these reasons, the me Convention is engaged in an open dialogue with the artistic community. Expect to be amazed by live paintings, boundary-­pushing installations and performance artists drawn from across the globe and creative spectrum. Watch this space for more details.

food and drink

You won’t go hungry at the me Convention — either for world­changing ideas or world­class cuisine. Drinks and snacks, from freshly brewed coffee to exciting street food, will be available in me Base area. And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, there will be five food stalls in the me Gate area serving regional specialties and international cuisine.