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Bringing the me Convention spirit to SXSW

We’ve been back home for more than a week now, but we’re all still basking in the glow of our experience at this year’s SXSW. Because our upcoming event is a special collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and SXSW, Austin was the perfect place to connect with old friends and introduce new ones to the me Convention.

Discovering the skills to #createthenew

The me Convention is made for curious minds who want to be part of creating a better future – and the SXSW attendees were precisely our kind of people! With our eye-catching me Convention box, we wanted visitors share their feedback on the skills of the future. We asked them to pick their favorite and wander through the display answering a few questions why they think this skill is important and how it relates to our themes of society, science, business and the planet.

skills to #createthenew
me Convention x SXSW visitors

So, what did they say?

According to our visitors, Empathy, Divergent Thinking and Ethical Leadership are the top three skills we need for the future. They believed that these skills are essential for people in general, as well as for their own personal development. Finally, most visitors agreed that selected skills will help us consider our impact on the planet and contribute to a more unified society and a brighter future. In the months ahead, we’ll be weaving these skills into our program for Frankfurt. Overall, we were very impressed by the response to our installation. Visitors loved the interactive element and said it inspired them to reflect more on the future and their own role in it. We’d like to thank artist Pierre le Riche for turning some simple colored strings into an insightful, engaging experience for all of us. And hats off to our welcoming hosts who did an amazing job supporting us and sharing the me Convention story.

infographic skills

Connecting, collaborating and celebrating: An impression of SXSW

While we saw some thought-provoking lectures and panels, the real magic of SXSW is what happens off the main stage. In the hallways, on the streets of Austin and during some exclusive evening events, we got to catch up with former me Convention speakers like Thomas Webb, and re-connect with members of the SXSW and Mercedes-Benz team. All in all, we left bursting with a renewed sense of possibility, great ideas for sessions and speakers, a growing network of collaborators and an overwhelming desire to do it all again real soon. We hope you can join us in September to keep the conversation going!

me Convention feedback installation

Disclaimer: The views of me Convention speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either Mercedes-Benz and/or SXSW.