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    me Convention2018 recap

relive the me Convention spirit

105 innovative speakers in tech, art, and science. 42 illuminating talks. More than 2000 participants in 14 workshops, 19 mentoring sessions, and over 25 hours of meaningful conversation. 20 startup hubs, from Porto to São Paulo, represented by expert founders and CEOs. But the personal growth and purposeful fun we had at me Convention 2018? Absolutely unquantifiable.

Over two days, we experienced surprising talks about the importance of quality, not quantity when it comes to content from Mark Adams, VICE’s Head of Innovation. There were discussions on how VR will reshape the concert experience from ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, along with the forgotten history of how women helped build the internet from author and musician Claire L. Evans. We grew professionally and personally in one on one coaching sessions, and if we festival goers didn’t know about blockchain before, now we can tell you how this technology can save our oceans and our futures thanks to panels from the likes of Shaun Frankson (Plastic Bank) and Marie Wieck (IBM Blockchain).

In case you missed it… Here are few favorite quotes from some of our Stockholm 2018 speakers:

ana ariola (partner, design director for AI/research & Bing, Microsoft)

“It’s at these intersections of machine learning, ethics, and design that we need to culminate the holistic experience. I believe that we need to be sure we’re open. That’s not just openness in the design studio but with our stakeholders, our data scientists, our neuroscientists, and engineers. The efforts should be people-centric.”

pablos holman (futurist, inventor & notorious hacker)

“When you’re inventing there’s a couple of ingredients you need. Discovery. Understanding how the world works. And then you need some problems. And then you need a garage with a DeLorean and some crazy hair, those are the ingredients for an inventor. All of that happens before there’s a startup.”

jon gray (dishwasher, ghetto gastro)

“The table is our form of gastro diplomacy. We’re like food diplomats. When we go to a new city, they think we’re rappers, but when they hear we do food, they’re like “you’ve got to go here”. I feel like food is the best window to the culture.”

mike shinoda (artist, producer, musician, Linkin Park)

“When you do your job, if you do it with integrity and in a way that communicates clearly to people what you’re about, that has more value than it did in the past. Young people in particular are super tuned in to that.”

mark adams (vice president & head of innovation, VICE Media)

The reason we have to talk about extreme innovation is that the opportunities are huge. If we can get away from emails, away from running after the latest gimmick, you can start to innovate.

So our days were wildly illuminating. And our nights? Well, they were lit. On opening night, Felix Jaehn brought down the Haus, and over the next two days we danced to the likes of Tall Blonde, Elle exe, and Grammy-winning Annie Clark aka St. Vincent. Yes, that St. Vincent.

The term “big brain discussions” was tossed around this week in Stockholm, along with “hip, cool, and futuristic.” Curiosities were followed, and newness embraced. Along with this newness, we embraced community: our me Convention crew. Because the best part of every me Convention event is the pioneers, dreamers, changemakers and seekers of purpose who attend. In short, you. In a festival with so many moving parts, you are always the best part. Thank you.

If you miss your new festival friends already… relive the me Convention spirit with a slideshow of some of our best moments:

Further fuel your FOMO with more full-lengths talks, panels and super compelling performances in our video archive.

If you couldn’t participate in this festival or if you’re already feeling the me Convention-shaped hole in your life, we’ve got you. We’ll be back sooner than you think with more ways to follow your curiosity. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or let’s be penpals — click here to join our newsletter.
It’s not goodbye, me Convention friends. It’s see you soon.

Disclaimer: The views of me Convention speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either Mercedes-Benz and/or SXSW.