• me Convention meets SXSW

me Convention meets SXSW

Our world is changing at an exponential rate. To prosper in the unforeseeable, we need to keep learning, adapting and refining our skills. During SXSW 2019, the me Convention booth in the ACC shines new perspectives on our shared future and gives you a vital dose of inspiration.

From March 8 to 16, connect yourself with bright minds from all corners of the world, enjoy a creative break at the SXSW x me Convention Café in the ACC, and find the future-proof skill you are most curious about in the me Convention Box.

The interactive installation is designed for you to cast your vote on the most important skills of tomorrow:

Ethical leadership

Considering the ethical consequences of our decisions is humanity’s most complex skill. It is the essence of what it means to be human, and will continue to set us apart from machines.

Data literacy

Data is a precious resource. Understanding how and why it’s collected, processed and shared is crucial for raising critical citizens and responsible leaders in a data-driven world.

Divergent thinking

Tackling big challenges requires a new way of thinking. Playfulness, creativity and a willingness to explore new ideas will be vital to succeeding in our changing reality.


As interaction becomes more digital and remote, we need to get back in touch with our emotional intelligence and intuition to understand and relate to others, and to build a future that’s designed for humans.

Community building

In our fast-paced, individualistic world, it’s easy to feel a bit lost. Strong communities foster a sense of belonging and well-being and offer the momentum and support to achieve greater things together.

Critical thinking

In a time of information overload and the emergence of fake news, having a critical demeanor and asking “why?” are essential tools for making sound decisions.

Purpose-driven entrepreneurship

It IS possible to combine purpose and profit. Businesses that offer great products and services while contributing to social and environmental improvements will be rewarded with a better world, as well as loyal customers.

Multidisciplinary collaboration As global challenges grow more complex, working across countries, sectors and departments is becoming the new norm. Exposure to different perspectives will reveal new solutions, possibilities and sources of inspiration.

Disclaimer: The views of me Convention speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either Mercedes-Benz and/or SXSW.