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    our stockholm speakers

meet some of the forward-thinkers who will join us in stockholm!

Ever wondered what role women played in inventing the internet? Or thought about the ways blockchain can be used to create fairer economic policies? Or are you concerned about the privacy of your data and how it’s used to influence democratic elections? Discover new perspectives on these topics and many more at the upcoming me Convention in Stockholm in September.

cyberfeminism and female leadership in tech

We will delve into the fresh ideas and new frameworks replacing traditional leadership models in our New Leadership theme. Singer, artist and Broad Band author Claire L. Evans will take us on a historical tour of early computing and share the story of the unrecognized women who helped to create the internet. When she is not busy shedding light on the instrumental women in the tech industry, Claire is also the singer of the pop group YACHT, founding editor of Terraform, VICE's science-fiction vertical, and co-founder of the cyberfeminist research collective Deep Lab.

giving to receive

The actress, international yoga teacher, and entrepreneur Adriene Mishler will discuss the importance of building community and meaning in New Leadership. Adriene’s YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene, has an online community of 3.5 million subscribers; she co-founded the subscription network Find What Feels Good, which provides yoga and yoga lifestyle content; and she hosts classes and workshops in yoga, meditation, and self-care across the world. Her approach to regular self-care embodies a playfulness and a sense of humor that encourages all personalities to the mat – perhaps even you? Join her yoga session in Stockholm, hosted exclusively for me Convention attendees.

blockchain and universal basic income

As we move forward with automation and the potential of lowering working hours, how will our lives change? How will technology like blockchain drive decentralization and enable new economic possibilities for equity? Eric Morrow and Naveen Rajadhyaksha, from blockchain company Consensys, will provide a hands-on interaction with the future using design thinking. This workshop will provide an understanding of how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can support Universal Basic Income, and help provide solutions for a future in which automation has become a workplace norm.

with the help of tech: improve hiring

Can a technology that makes us less human actually improve the hiring process? After a 15-year career in the tech industry, Stephanie Lampkin believes so. The founder & CEO of Blendoor, a ‘blind’ job-matching app, has had plenty of bad experiences being marginalized and underestimated. This fueled her desire to develop technology to eliminate unconscious bias in hiring.

privacy, transparency, and tech

In our New Society theme, we will address the concerns raised as our lives become ever more intertwined with technology. Renée DiResta, author of The Hardware Startup, WIRED contributor and Head of Policy at Data for Democracy, will discuss privacy and transparency as it relates to tech companies and news organizations. Renée has extensively researched the impact of social network communities on politics and regularly discusses the role that tech platforms play in spreading false information and conspiracy theories. With Sweden’s election only a few days after me Convention, this is sure to be a critical conversation.

storytelling’s digital duo

The award-winning creative duo Dawid Marcinkowski and Katarzyna Kifert AKA The Kissinger Twins, are behind projects like Sufferosa, Lucidreams, and the Webby Award-winning The Trip. They also create interactive films and experiences for brands. The film and interactive director team will discuss their experimental mix of digital technology with film, music, literature and social media to create new forms of storytelling in our New Creativity theme. They will also host an interactive workshop, providing you with tips on how to create storytelling projects on Instagram.

Sofia is on the rise

Representing Bulgaria’s capital Sofia in our Startup City Pitches, Denitsa Simeonova is the executive director of the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs and the co-founder of the Central European Startup Awards. Thanks to her focus on entrepreneurship as a reporter for the Capital Daily and her time as an investment expert at the Bulgarian Investment Agency, Denitsa has her finger firmly on the pulse of Bulgaria’s innovation.

São Paulo is heating up

From the largest startup hub in Latin America, Daniel Plotrino will represent São Paulo, Brazil, in our Startup City Pitches. Daniel previously co-founded the startups Vivant and Wearbee and is now a director at the industry association Federation of Industry from São Paulo State. He recently founded Akaty Innovation, a company dedicated to accelerating corporate innovation and startup growth, and can provide first-hand experience of the inner workings of the São Paulo startup scene.

Disclaimer: The views of me Convention speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either Mercedes-Benz and/or SXSW.