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    rsvp for even more fun

    Photo: Unsplash/Chris Arock

rsvp to turn up the fun

Just as in life, so at me Convention: the most happening happenings require you to RSVP.

rsvp via our app

The more interactive aspects of our conference - think workshops, mentor sessions and special events on Exploration Day - require participants to RSVP via our app in order to secure one of a limited number of spots. Want to do a yoga class led by YouTube icon Adriene Mishler? Or have a chat one-to-one with Felix Jaehn about what life as a #1-scoring-hit producer is like? Yeah, you’re going to need our app. Download it here now.

We promise a download will make you app-y for reasons beyond RSVP-ing — you can also use the app to build a custom schedule complete with reminders and turning on push notifications means you won’t miss a thing. Rest assured, we won’t bug you with anything aside the most vital updates.

the first rule of app club

The first rule of Fight Club? You do not talk about Fight Club. Unfortunately, we’re not an underground fight club that’s mostly just an insomniac and a soap maker. Instead we’re a conference coordinating hundreds of participants. As such, we’ve got a few more than one rule when it comes to our app.

Please note:
  • If you RSVP but later realize you won’t be able to make it to an event, please cancel your reservation so someone else can attend
  • Our app has a waitlist function. Please sign up on the waitlist if spaces are sold out before you reserve your spot and make sure your email inbox is empty so you’ll receive a message if a seat becomes available in advance.
  • Didn’t get that email? No worries: it’s still worth showing up at the event on the day. Participants should arrive punctually: 5 minutes after the event begins, all reserved seats that have not been claimed will be released again and we will look outside the room for anyone on the waitlist. If you’re on the waitlist and someone hasn’t claimed their seat, then there’s a high chance you’ll get that seat.

rsvp via our website

If you’re planning to explore Stockholm’s vibrant startup scene on Exploration Day (September 4), then please RSVP via our website to visit startups curated by Startup Guide’s Sissel Hansen and for startups taking part in STLHM TECH x me Convention Tech Safari. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing where cutting-edge tech companies develop world-changing ideas, this one’s for you. Yes, that’s right: unfortunately, you are not able to RVSP to this event via the app.

Disclaimer: The views of me Convention speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of either Mercedes-Benz and/or SXSW.