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brave new world: me Convention’s ‘startup cities’ will give insider takes on the globe’s leading tech hubs

Ready, set, explore! Everyone knows that the startup world now extends far beyond traditional bastions of tech like San Francisco and New York. But media attempts to summarize the new tech territory can be dizzying: the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 included deep dives into 43 different ecosystems, covering everywhere from Seattle to Shanghai.

Here’s where the me Convention comes in. The conference believes it’s vital to learn about the most exciting new startup hubs from insiders, not statisticians — people who have set up shop in each city and have an intuitive grasp of what makes it tick. During the Startup Cities track (September 5-6), leading startup figures from across the globe will explain what makes their city so essential as a force for technological progress. The clock will be ticking, though: each speaker will have just ten minutes to convince audiences.

We’re excited to welcome representatives from the following startup cities at 2018’s me Convention:

  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Aarhus, Denmark
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Belfast, United Kingdom
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Cape Town, South Africa
    and more to come!

Already confirmed is the CEO of the Association of the Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE), Denitsa Simeonova. Simeonova’s organisation caters to over 200 startups but she also has firsthand experience of Sofia’s bustling startup scene thanks to roles at the blockchain-based Open Source University and at Leaders Academy.

Simeonova will be joined by Daniel Plotrino, repping for São Paulo. Plotrino is the director of FIESP (the Federation of Industry of the state of São Paulo). FIESP acts as Latin America’s biggest startup hub — Plotrino uses his time there to help develop the Brazilian startup ecosystem and to connect it with other startup hotspots around the globe.

Why is Cape Town so essential for tech right now? Sw7 co-founder Keith Jones will be on hand to explain. Sw7 (Start with Seven) is Africa’s largest technology accelerator — it has accelerated over 150 tech businesses and coordinates over 100 tech CEOs as mentors.

So don’t delay — get up to speed with some of the world’s most dynamic startup cities and register now.

Disclaimer: The views of me Convention speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW and Mercedes-Benz.