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    symbiosity of creation

    Photo: Elvin Flamingo

explore ant art with elvin flamingo’s symbiosity of creation

Elvin Flamingo’s project Symbiosity of Creation requires more long-term commitment on the part of its creator than your average work of art. The work, which will be shown at Nacka Strandsmässan, brings together different ant cultures in glass incubators, test tubes and pipes. Created in 2012, he estimates it will last for around 20 years, in a project which “lives its own life, a work that participates, interacts and is symbiotic with its author, who - in a conscious departure from his demiurge position - becomes an uncompromising part of the work.”

Elvin has used four superorganisms - Atta sexdens (part 1), Oecophylla smaragdina (part 2), Camponotus vagus (part 3) and Camponotus herculeanus (part 4)- in a four part project: 1. Reconstruction of Non-human Culture; 2. Kingdom of the Shared Quotidian; 3.Subterranean Struggle; 4. After Humans. The Biocorporation. The point of the project? To dissolve the egoistical assumption that we are each an “I.” Instead, Elvin hopes to emphasise our interconnectedness, that “the superorganisms and me mean nothing on our own; we don’t exist without one another as a work of art.”

Like many insects, ants make sounds by rubbing two or more parts of their body together. Sensitive contact microphones give the project a surreal aspect, amplifying these sounds. The project allows visitors to experience the emotional spectrum of the ants: you’ll be able to hear their sounds of joy (for example, when they’re fed rose petals) as well as their noises of anxiety.

Photo: Elvin Flamingo

Whether you’re fascinated by modern art; the limits of anthropocentrism or simply want to eavesdrop on the ants’ secret language, this will be unmissable. Secure your pass now!

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