• Autonomous Driving

    Where is autonomous driving already a thing?

You ask, we answer!

During the me Convention talk “How to fix the pitfalls of the digital revolution” with Andrew Keen, a participant asked via Slido: “Where is autonomous driving already a thing?” We’ve digged into this topic together with our colleagues from Daimler to provide you with answers:

Autonomous driving can be found all around on most streets today already – at least test pilots: Advanced driver assistance systems include emergency break assistance that can trigger autonomously when they detect an imminent collision.

As for driverless systems, Daimler is piloting an automated valet parking service in Germany at the moment, that might become commonplace soon. After all, nobody really enjoys parking. Finally, Daimler will start a pilot for a fully automated ride hailing service in San José later this year.

Local, regional, national and international authorities are working alongside with Daimler in deploying this technology safely onto the streets and hence making mobility more accessible, more efficient and less dangerous for everybody.

Watch the me Convention talk on “How to fix the pitfalls of the digital revolution” with Andrew Keen here:

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