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Exploring the me Base

The me Base is your space for coworking, networking and exciting experiences. Everyone needs some downtime now and then, and the me Base on Level I is just the place to step back and take a break from the busy conference atmosphere. So make sure to take your time wandering around the me Base, explore this interactive atmosphere to the fullest, and get inspired by engaging activities.

Here are just a few of the things that await you at the me Base:

YOU:R:Code & Lost in Computation

Experience your own digital transformation and witness a multilingual conversation between two chatbots by visiting the two installations from ZKM Karlsruhe!


The title of the work, YOU:R:CODE, can be interpreted two different ways: By reading it as “your code”, installation visitors can experience themselves undergoing a digital transformation. At the entrance you’ll see your mirror image – the most realistic virtual image imaginable – gradually transform into a digital body of data, until it is reduced to an industrially readable code. At the end, the visitors free themselves from their virtual representation, and materialize on a flip-dot display.

The second way to read it, “you are code”, implies that we ourselves are made up of code, which manifests itself in a variety of ways. We’re formed by our genetic code, the algorithm of our lives which determines our behavior from birth. Synthesized strands of DNA are being used in current research projects, including for the long-term storage of digital data. And we’re also processing information from data analysts and AI in the form of alerts on our smartphones that influence our daily behavior – to them, we are nothing more than codes.

Lost in Computation

Lost in Computation is a multilingual dialogue between two autonomous chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs, which, like people, use written text or audio cues to carry out conversations. They can simulate human-like communication and are primarily used by help desks, e-commerce platforms and directory services. When used for these purposes, chatbots are limited to a specific context and can’t cover the wider range of human communication.

In this installation, two chatbots face each other. They have been taught multiple languages, including German and Swedish, and their conversation is simultaneously translated with Google Translate. Their conversation takes place on two small computers that communicate via a Node.js web server. The chatbots’ learning algorithm not only illustrates how sophisticated these bots have become, but also show the absurdity of machine learning, as the bots can’t actually understand what’s being talked about.

Beauty & Body Exhibition

Find out all about the future of beauty and body which has been translated into art objects and installations by students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Open up new visions and scenarios thanks to Cosnova.

Cosnova Beauty is setting new standards in the international cosmetics market. With an eye on innovation and the world of tomorrow, they commissioned the Fantastic Library, one of the world’s largest public libraries specialized in fantasy literature in the world, to conduct a study on beauty and body in the future.

The research looked at different scenarios and definitions of beauty in the future based on a variety of scenarios in science fiction literature. The results were then translated into art objects and installations, mainly in collaboration with the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam. The interpretations open up new speculative visions and scenarios of beauty and physicality, as well as technical developments and human behavior. This futuristic art exhibition is a spatial collage of themes and ideas where you’ll discover different topics of the future and their potential.


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Imagine Your Future

Stop by Project IF’s booth to get inspiration from the visions of four experts, create your own by building a city model, and don’t forget to grab and personalize your me Shirt!

Selfie Booth

Write down your most burning question about the future, take a selfie with it and spread the word! We’ve got something special waiting to thank you for your effort.

eSports Arena

Dive into the exciting world of eSports, find out more about nutrition and mental fitness from professional players onsite, and start your own eGame!

Scribit at me Convention

Scribit Wall

Discover the creation of a unique art work done by the world’s first write and erase robot!

Startup Cube

Experience the spirit of Silicon Valley and stop by the rotating exhibitions from up-and-coming mobility startups curated by STARTUP AUTOBAHN and powered by Plug and Play!

After Work Drinks

Connect with other participants and sip cool drinks while listening to chilled beats by a variety of DJs – stop by on September 12 & 13 from 4 pm on!

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