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What does the future hold? This question has fascinated us since the dawn of mankind – because if we know what lies ahead, we might be able to control it. But what if we flipped that question around and asked: What do we want our future to look like? And what can we do to make it happen? At the 2019 me Convention, we’ll examine the current state of the world, create a vision for a better future and uncover how to bridge the gap. We won’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions, but instead look at different perspectives, approaches and dilemmas in an attempt to foresee the unforeseen. Designed as a ‘future lab’, we won’t just talk about the future – we’ll explore, experiment and learn from each other to go home with the skills, optimism and sense of urgency to start creating the world we want to see.

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To frame our exploration of the future, we’re taking a deep dive into four domains that will significantly impact the world as we know it.


Our little blue planet will be home to up to 11 billion people in just a few decades. We’ll need to find a way to provide food, housing, transport and more to meet the demands of our growing population, all while respecting nature’s limitations. Looking into exciting technologies, scientific insights and adopting a new mindset to approach the challenges, we’ll explore ways to take care of both people and the planet.


CRISPR, printed organs, big data, artificial intelligence… Science is on a roll! But who gets to decide how new breakthroughs should be used? How can we avoid unintentional consequences? And which developments offer the most promise for creating healthier lives, sufficient food supplies and reversing environmental destruction? Together, we’ll examine ethical questions, experiment with the latest developments and demonstrate how science can help create a better future.


We live in an era of contradictions: we’re more connected than ever, but we’ve never felt more isolated and lonely. We can access all the information we need, but feel insecure about what we actually know. Our health has never been better, at the same time new epidemics like obesity and mental health issues are soaring. Human rights and other social movements have empowered millions, while at the same time inequality seems to be an increasingly bigger challenge. Our industries are cleaner and more efficient than ever in history, while its impact on our climate and environment is devastating. Technology and science have brought about unimaginable progress, but it is time to critically review the results, adopt a long-term view and consider how we can design our systems, regulations and governance to create communities that benefit everyone. From (mental) health and economic equality, to pollution and access to resources, we’ll discuss and devise clever ways to overcome our current and impending social challenges.


In a time of huge social, environmental and economic challenges, business practices are coming under increasing scrutiny. At the same time, people are looking towards CEOs to lead the change that they feel is necessary. But what happens when companies take over roles traditionally held by governments? Can they pave the way to a better, more sustainable world, and move us closer to a circular economy? Is it really possible to effectively combine people, planet and profit? We’ll dive deep into this changing landscape and take a hands-on approach to creating the companies of the future.


To wrap our topics in the most intesting and inspiring formats we're shifting our perspectives from talking to making.

1. Conference

The me Convention Conference stages are a high-level plenary meeting point of bright, creative minds. The world’s best entrepreneurs, thinkers and creators share their stories, visions and ideas for the future here. The buzzing heart of the action, the conference stages attract 600 – 1200 delegates from all over the world for series of groundbreaking sessions.

2. Deep dives

The me Convention Deep Dives are focused seminars, mentor sessions and master classes, that dive deeper into the me Convention themes. The Deep Dives partners actively involve media labs, research groups, professional associations, cultural networks and innovation departments to share their latest insights.

3. Labs

The me Convention Labs are practical work sessions where visitors collaborate on any type of concept development, product creation, brainstorming, bootcamps and scenario development. The Labs hosts have proven experience in hosting these types of sessions.

4. Entrepreneur suite

The term 'suite' is derived from the software world, where a suite is a 'family' of related software applications and products that build on each other and form a complete offering together. The me Convention Entrepreneur Suite includes all pitch programs and competitions as well as business leadership skills trainings.

Who attends the me Convention?

The me Convention is designed for anyone and everyone who wants to be part of shaping our future. But it’s especially relevant for intrapreneurs, creatives, startups and students.

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